Board Games


We got brand new board games in the teen area! Have you wanted to try out some of the newer board games as seen on Tabletop with Wil Wheaton? Or maybe games you heard of from GenCon? We got them! (Well, not all of them, but an excellent amount!)

Types of Games

Feel free to stop by the teen area to play these games in the library. They will not be available for check-out just yet, but you are more than welcome to play them in house.

Strategy Games

Most of the games are strategy games that require you to think a little harder to beat your opponents. Examples of these include Splendor, Carcasonne, and JunkArt

Cooperative Games

Don't like to be too competitive with you friends? We also have cooperative games! Cooperative games are games that have you and the other players team together to win against the board game. They are so much fun! They are easy to learn too, because you are in it together! A few we got include Pandemic, Mysterium, and Hogwarts Battle (Deck Builder).

We also added a few more party games. These are fun, loud, and can handle more than the typical four players. Introducing to our collection: Apples to Apples and Codenames.

Role Playing Games

Interested in Role Playing Games? While the teen DnD group has sort of faded, we would love to start it back up. Stop in and let us know what sort of schedule you are wanting to do. We have a Dungeons and Dragons book in the teen area that you can look at in house, as well as dice that can be used in house.

Game on! 

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