Build a Better World with Summer Reading

Summer reading is an important way to keep up-to-date on your reading and library attendance while school is out. This year, the theme for summer reading is “Build a Better World.” This is a very important message for young people, as they search for ways to make their personal mark on this planet. Above all, whether they decide to make a compost pile, reduce their carbon footprint, invent something helpful, or learn more about climate change, any little bit will help our planet and our species in the long run.

Summer is already a great time for kids to learn, explore, and discover new things about the world, because it is easier to get outside and try new things. It is a great time of year to look for unknown insect species, try out a telescope for the first time, volunteer at an animal shelter, or use their imagination to make crafts from up-cycled items. For example, here is a link to a post about the top 10 summer science experiments for kids.

Sign up for all of the special summer classes begins on May 22, and you can click here to see the schedule for June, and here to see the schedule for July. Summer reading runs from May 30 to July 22. Participants will earn points for checking out books, doing book reports, and attending library programs. Furthermore, you can call the library, come in to the library, or go online to sign up for these programs.

Build a Better World Book List

In conclusion, here is a list of some books to help children discover more about how they can personally help to build a better world, and read about who have helped make this planet a better place:

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