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Tracing Your Civil War Ancestor – In order to further develop the narrative of your ancestor’s participation in the Civil War, Tracing Your Civil War Ancestor gives some of the ways you can seek out records from the National Archives or other sources – draft records, mustering out papers, etc.

For those with British or Irish ancestors, the library has two new books on Tracing Your British & Irish Ancestors and Tracing Your Irish Family History on the Internet. Both books refer to extensive local records that may have information on one’s own ancestor, and will help create a narrative of how one’s family members may have made the journey to the United States, and give a clearer picture of the circumstances in which they lived in their country of origin. There is also Explore Your German Ancestry for those doing research on their German heritage.

For those who know their ancestors lived in the Eastern U.S., we also have new references such as District of Columbia Ancestors: a Guide to Records of the District of Columbia; Hamilton County, Ohio Burial Records 1800s-2004; and Hawkins County, Tennessee, Deed Book No. 1, 1788-1800. As you collect leaves from your family tree, you will find that your knowledge of past events is expanded and enriched through the study of these old records.

If your family kept photos and you want to get more of a sense of when and how ancestors lived, Family Photo Detective gives clues by which you can identify time periods and social standing. One of the pictures of my father as a child showed that early in the 1900’s, very small boys sometimes wore dresses just as little girls did; it was a rite of passage for a boy to begin to wear short pants.

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