3 Fun in the Sun Activities

            As Hoosiers we are no strangers to hot summers. It is common to have summer days with temperatures in the 90s and this summer it is more important than ever to get kids out and active. After an unpredictable school year and as Covid restrictions are still being lifted, kids need to have a fun and safe summer. Here are a few activities that the whole family can enjoy while spending time in the sun.

  • Sunscreen Painting

            While out at the local pool or on a beach vacation, take some construction paper with you. After you are done protecting your skin with sunscreen use your finger or a paint brush to make a picture on the construction paper. Let the paper sit out in the sun and watch your pictures appear. Try different color papers to see which works best.

  • Build Your Own Sprinkler

            This activity will need adult supervision. Recycle a plastic pop or water bottle by taking scissors or a screwdriver and poking holes in the bottle. Then attach the top of the bottle to your hose and have fun with your recycled sprinkler.

  • Ice Chalk

           For this, all you need is an ice tray, cornstarch, water and food coloring. Mix equal parts water and cornstarch until they are well blended. Once your mixture is ready, add food coloring and pour into the ice tray. Let it freeze overnight and then you are ready to draw. You can also add a popsicle stick or toothpick to the center of each ice cube to keep your fingers from scraping the sidewalk. When you are done with the chalk, leave it in the sun and see how it melts.

            Hopefully this will help your family stay cool and safe this summer!

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