A Book Story, What are Your Book Memories?


Do you have a special book that stirs nostalgia and memories? One that was a “go-to” choice for bedtime stories? In our family, we shared a favorite, Richard Scarry's Best Story Book Ever. This collection of stories and poems had all a child could wish for: Mother Goose Rhymes, The County Mouse and the City Mouse, a whole score of personification, and an amazing picture which allowed the reader to spy on a rabbit family getting ready for their day. We loved this book. We ALL loved this book. In fact, a lot of sibling bickering occurred as we argued over this book.

In all truth, the book officially belonged to my sister, Sarah, but we each tried to claim it as "mine" at some point in time. For instance, John was so determined to keep it, that at one point he inscribed it with his own name. At that point in his life, John always put an extra arch on his 'n' making it nearly a 'm'. So there he wrote, "Johm B" in big red letters, right inside the front cover. Sarah was furious.

Maybe Mom got tired of the arguing. Or maybe the book was accidentally stuck in the wrong pile. However it happened, Richard Scarry's Best Story Book Ever ended up being sold at a charity garage sale. The book was sorely missed!

Growing up we all found new favorite stories, that now hold special places in our hearts. Books like The Wizard of Oz, The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe, Anne of Green Gables (which is our current Brownies & Books Club read; copies are still available at the Teen Desk!), and Pride & Prejudice.

Finally, it was time to purchase the books which would become our own children's favorites. That's when one day at garage sale, I purchased a bag filled with books for $5. When going through this find after getting home, I came upon a worn copy of Richard Scarry's Best Story Book Ever! And inside the front cover was a messy, red scrawl, "Johm B".

Here are some selections which helped me create great memories which are available for checkout from FCPL:

Have your found your favorite book yet? Drop by the library to start your own stories.

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