A New Year, New Opportunities

With 2020 having ended, many of us are ready for new beginnings and new opportunities. There are plenty of wonderful resources we offer that will allow you to learn and grow in this new year. All of these can be found under our eResources page for your convenience.


The breadth of services offered under INSPIRE is truly impressive. INSPIRE is a service offered by the Indiana State Library. You can look up Consumer Reports to research the best rated products and appliances. There is test preparation for High School, Grad, Post Grad, Career Prep, and more. Look up older newspapers or discover academic papers on an area of interest.


Need to brush up on your Tagalog or want to learn Spanish? Pronunciator is our language learning service and is available on both PC and mobile.


Want to know more about how your vehicle works or need to do some self-repair? Chilton’s online resource has manuals and diagrams for a plethora of vehicles. Recall information for newer car models is also provided as well.

Libby/Overdrive and Hoopla

Explore new worlds and meet new characters on our audiobook, ebook, video streaming, and more services. Available on PC, Apple, and Android devices as well as Roku and other streaming devices for Hoopla, these services are a fantastic way to listen to or read more books.

Cypress Resume

Need to spruce up your resume for a job search? Look no further than Cyprus Resume. With their questionnaire and form fields, they can help you craft a new resume for the new year.

With these resources and more, we can all be well on our way to finding new enjoyment or improvement. Here’s to hoping we can all make 2021 a great year for us all.

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