A Not So New Face in Children’s

While many kids play house as children, I remember running my own library filled with books about animals with my friends. As I grew up my passions changed, yet somehow I found myself working in the library and it reignited that passion I had as a child.

My name is Wynn Zetterberg and I have worked at the library for over a year now, so I am not a completely new face here.  I am extremely excited for my new position as School Age Programmer here in the Children’s Department.  I have already begun leading the Maker Space Club and I have lots of fun ideas for the coming months. I also have lots of ideas for other programs and activities for the kids, but I am always open to new ideas and learning what the kids want to do. There have been several changes in the Children’s Department lately and I am glad to be one of them. I am thankful the opportunity to be here and to continue my career in this library.

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