Strategic Plan

It has been a difficult time these last few years due to the ongoing influence of the pandemic. Trying to envision the future of our community and library is challenging. I want to thank the members of the planning team for their hours of work and especially the driving force that has brought us to the finish line, Jen Casey. But we were guided by the many of you who responded to our surveys and questions about what you wanted. I hope you know we do this for you.

– Gregg Williamson, Library Director

Strategic Priorities for 2022-2026

    • We strive to increase community awareness and utilization of library services and offerings through targeted marketing and in reaching beyond the library walls.
    • We are committed to connecting people to the information, the experiences, and the experts that help them to learn and to grow. We work to provide an outstanding experience and recognize that each encounter is an opportunity to help change lives.
    • We engage with our neighbors, our partners, and one another to share resources and create a mutually beneficial support network within our community.
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