Written By: Regina Rhoda

August is always a busy month of transition.   Parents and caregivers of school age children are trying to squeeze just a little more fun into their summer, while making sure school supplies have been purchased and maybe even some new clothing to replace the things that children have somehow outgrown overnight!  The children’s department is transitioning as well.  Our summer reading program has come to an end. The wonderful sounds of children playing in the early literacy area, checking out books, and playing games in the Spark Zone area during the day will soon quiet down as everyone settles into their late summer and back to school routines.  Even though we may feel a little blue after the busyness of summer reading activities, we have been busy preparing for our programming for the late summer and fall months!  There are still fun and exciting programs available to enjoy, so take a moment to check out the programs we have to offer at!


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