Author Janis Thornton Virtual Event Scheduled in November

Janis Thornton has released her second true crime book titled No Place Like Murder, True Crime in the Midwest.  This book will hit a little close to home because four of the crimes took place in Frankfort.  “No Place Like Murder profiles notorious killers such as Frankie Miller, who was fed up with her fiancé regularly spending time with another woman. As fans of the song “Frankie and Johnny” already know, Frankie met her former lover at the door with a shotgun.”– Indiana University Press

We interviewed Janis as part of The Buzz, the library’s very own podcast.  Janis was our Hoosier Storyteller and the podcast will be posted on our website on November 6 at 9 a.m.  Visit to visit our most recent recording and to view our archives.

On November 14 at 1 p.m., Janis will have a virtual program using Zoom.  You must register for this event and an email address is required.  Visit to register or call the library at 765-654-8746.  In this program Janis will discuss her book, writing and her research process. There will be time for questions at the end.  The program will be 45 – 60 minutes.  Signed copies of her book are available for purchase on the Lower Level at the Reference Desk for $20. Copies are limited.  We accept cash or check.  Please have exact change. 

Janis is quite familiar with Frankfort, Indiana.  “The years I spent working at the Frankfort Times (2000-2008) were the best years of my working career. Frankfort is where I learned to write, and where I got to experience tons of new things (like flying on that powered parachute with Russ Kaspar and visiting the women’s prison with Lou “Mimi the Clown” Whitaker, to name just two), not to mention meeting so many great people, a few of whom I’m still in touch with.”

Currently, Janis is doing research on a book about the 1965 Palm Sunday tornado, and she hopes to include Clinton County residents with firsthand experience in her book.

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