Going back to school was always a magical time for me. I couldn't wait to find out who my teacher was and what friends would be in my class. The newness was always really intriguing. I loved getting there on the first day, finding my very own desk, and getting things organized! However, it didn't take long for the excitement and the magic to wear out, though. Homework and classwork can really take a toll, so I would break it up with some fun reading. Sometimes I would even go out and play for a bit before finishing my homework.

Kids need to break up their day, too.  When we let them read books for fun, they have a chance to wind down and relax. When they choose the books themselves, they learn that reading can be fun.  Children have a chance to explore different ideas and genres when they choose their own reading material. They can find out what really grabs their interest.

This September, we have a new program starting that does just that! The School Age Book Club is for children in grades 1-6. In this club,  children get to read whatever book they feel drawn to and they get to talk about it with their peers. It's a great way for them to wind down after the hustle and bustle during the school day.

We have so many "school" themed books. There are some for kids who are having a tough time dealing with going to school, like The Berenstain Bears Go To School by The Berenstains. We also have a few new books about school that just came in:

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