Book Review with Miss Tandra

I just finished a cookbook for children and/or beginners. It is titled “Awesome Snacks and Appetizers”, part of the “You’re the Chef” series. It was written by Kari Cornell. The photographs were taken by Brie Cohen. This cookbook contains seven savory appetizer/snack recipes and two sweet. Some of the recipes in this book include pigs in a blanket, spicy meat samosas, cheesy fondue, and crunchy caramel corn.

The beginning of the book is little paragraphs or checklists titled, “before you start”, “safety tips”, “finish the job right” “techniques”, “measuring”, and a picture page for cooking tools/equipment. I thought that was so smart and helpful for children.

The photographs and the illustrations are great. The instructions are easily translated and go one step at time. These are certainly recipes I have made with my children or would love to try out with my kids. I have never heard of meat samosas until now, but they sound and look delicious in this book. We will have to try to make them sometime.

I would recommend this book to any families, young chefs, and aspiring cooks. It does mention you will need an adult with you, if you are a young beginner chef, but if you are an adult already, I would still definitely recommend this book to you as well. And just ignore that part because you know if you are an adult or not and this book could still be immensely helpful and provide tasty snack recipes. Cook, be safe, most importantly eat yummy food and have fun!

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