Books about Courage and Bravery

We all want our children to be brave and courageous. However, it is not always easy. Here are some children’s books about being brave and courageous. These books can be a big help when your child is not feeling so brave. They can help them not to feel alone. They can help them to understand that even though they might not feel brave or courageous, they still are and can be.

Brave Like Me
by Barbara Kerley
Amal Unbound
by Aisha Saeed
As Brave As You
by Jason Reynolds
Who Was Gandhi
by Dana Meachen Rau
Jabari Jumps
by Gaia Cornwall
My Two Blankets
by Irena Kobald
The Day You Begin
by Jacqueline Woodson
The Little Yellow Leaf
by Carin Berger
A Wrinkle in Time
by Madeleine L’Engle
Lily and Dunkin
by Donna Gephart
Come With Me
by Holly M. McGhee

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