You don’t look terribly surprised by that headline.

 “That’s sorta the point of a library,” you say, “free books.” 

Then I say “but did you know that DVD’s were also free at the library?” 

You quickly say “yes.” 

But I say, “How about Audiobooks then?” 

You reply, with an uncalled-for sigh, “Everyone knows that.”

Okay, so apparently you and everyone else knows that books, audiobooks and DVD’s are free to check-out at the library.  But I’ll bet you would be surprised if you knew just how many programs and events at FCPL are available to you and your family at absolutely no cost.  Free.  And fun!

As an example, here’s a list of some of the free events at the library for the month of October:  Learn Spanish.  Build Your Cat A Castle.  Toddler Time Stories and Song.  Nature Journaling.  Make a Spooky Candlestick.  Lapsit With Babies!  Make Your Own Jewelry.  Watch Dracula!  Make Chex Mix.  Tye-Dye!  Book Discussion Group.  Doily Fall Wreath-making.  Family Night Movie!  Popcorn!  Fantasy Pop Art Show and Talk With The Artist.

And don’t forget…free books!

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