It’s Full of Stars!

Cosmic Cliffs Credit: NASA and STScl


The only word that came to my mind while viewing the beauty and majesty of the new images from the much anticipated James Webb Telescope. The culmination of decades of work, this marvel of human engineering will help us better understand the universe we live in. All of humanity will now reap the benefits of its scientific discoveries. Even in the first round of work, we have confirmed water on an extrasolar planet and further gazed into the past than ever before. Truly, who knows what other marvelous things the James Webb telescope will discover during it’s 20 year long mission. If you want to discover more about the telescope and see the fantastic images it has already produced, you can check out their website,

That said, if you want to peer into the cosmos with your own eyes, you don’t have to go far. Camp Collum’s Prairie Grass Observatory will be holding their annual Indiana Family Star Party July 26-31. The event is hosted by the Wabash Valley Astronomical Association, the Indiana Astronomical Society, the Muncie Astronomy Club and the the Astronomical League and will be open to the public on Friday and Saturday evenings. The Prairie Grass Observatory itself is the culmination of donations by multiple individuals and organizations. We are truly lucky to have such a facility here in central Indiana for all to enjoy. You can find more details and registration information on their website.

So look into that night sky and remember the words of Carl Sagan, “The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.”

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