Two weeks ago the Children’s Department ordered some painted lady caterpillars in hopes that they would be butterflies for our upcoming Read, Play, Grow. We have been patiently waiting and watching them grow. They are now in their chrysalis’ and could be hatching any day now. Stop in the Children’s Department to check on them and see if they have emerged as butterflies!

Did you know that a butterfly’s life cycle consists of 4 different stages?

The first stage is the egg stage. During this stage the larva is forming.
The second stage is the larva stage. You may refer to this stage as the caterpillar.
The third stage is called the pupa stage. This is when the caterpillar sheds it’s final skin and to reveal the chrysalis
The fourth stage is the adult stage. This is the final stage of a butterfly’s life cycle.

Don’t forget to sign up for Read, Play, Grow on Monday, May 20th at 6 pm. We are hoping to release our Painted Lady butterflies at the end of the program.

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