Celebrate our freedom to read


Banned books week is here again. The theme for this year is "banning books silences stories".

If you thought banning and challenging books was a thing of the past, think again. Every year many books are challenged, old and new, and possibly banned. More often though, books are challenged but not banned.

Let me explain the difference between a challenge and a ban. A challenge is a book that people or a group want to have removed or restricted. A banning is the actual removal of the book.

To celebrate our freedom to read what we like and not censor, we have created a banned books display. On our display we have some titles that have been challenged throughout the years. We have attached to those books the reason/s they were challenged.

We have some older books like The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein and The Three Little Pigs. We also have some newer and more diverse books like And Tango Makes Three by Justin Richardson.

Come celebrate our freedom to read  with some of the challenged books that we have on display. If you read all of those and you want more, just ask at the desk. We love giving suggestions. Happy reading!!

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