Children’s Resources

AWE computers: Play on one of our touch-screen game computers! Each computer is loaded with fun learning games, like Reader Rabbit, Dora, TuxPaint and Volcanic Panic.
Books: We boast a wide and current collection of the best books for kids.
Books To Go Kits: Check out a preassembled pack of books and resources all on the same topic: Dinosaurs, Bedtime, ABCs, Underwater, Princesses, Bugs, Music and many more. Each kit comes with a booklet of activities you can do at home!
Caregiver Collection: We have a large selection of resources (Books, Videos) for Caregivers. Topics include autism, step-families, food-allergy cookbooks, and more.
CDs: We have a large selection of the best in kid’s audiobooks and music CDs! Check out KidzBop, Disney, Putamayo, and more.
DVDs & BluRay movies: Why rent a movie when your public library has them for free? Even if the one you want is checked out, you can reserve the next available copy.
Early Literacy Play Area: Experience our play area developed especially for infants through 5-years old! Features include a puppet castle, market stall, train table, infant safe-play zone, writing exploration table, toddle-up- stairs, puzzles, games and more.
iPads: Play on one of our iPads. We have two different versions: the Early Literacy iPads are especially for children birth to 5 years-old that are loaded with games to enhance letter and phonics awareness and hand-eye coordination OR the School-Age iPads that are loaded with games that enhance literacy, math, science and geography skills.
Internet Computers and Laptops: The Kids’ Department houses 4 internet computers and 2 laptops.
Magazines: We have many fun Magazines for Kids, including American Girl, Disney Junior, Ranger Rick, Sports Illustrated for Kids, and more!

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