CONTEST: Build a Leprechaun Trap

     A leprechaun has been sighted in the children’s department and we need children who possess the skills to create leprechaun traps!

     Children in kindergarten through 5th  grade that possess those skills are able to register for a free leprechaun trap kit. The leprechaun trap kits include a few simple, recycled household items such as cereal boxes and paper towel tubes.  They also include items such as crepe paper, sequins and pom poms to help disguise the traps.  Leprechauns are especially attracted to the color green and shiny things, so kits also include green construction paper and aluminum foil.

     Children can also use any other items they may have around their home, as long as they have permission from an adult. To be entered into the contest, the leprechaun traps must be returned to the library or a photo submission must be sent to by Monday March 15th so they can be entered into our trap making contest!

     We anxiously await the return of traps so that we can catch this tricky creature!

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