DIY Busy Bags

You’ve had a long day.  Maybe work was hectic.  Maybe you are just feeling overwhelmed by your never ending to-do list.  Now It’s time to prepare a meal and your child, that you love so dearly, is wanting your undivided attention.  We know deep down we can’t do it all at the same time.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have something to keep your child busy long enough to cross one thing off that to-do list, even if it is just pouring cereal into a bowl and adding milk!

Busy bags are an inexpensive way to get that few minutes of time to complete a task, keep your child busy during a car ride that is longer than expected or the doctor’s appointment that is running 45 minutes late.  Below is a list of a few inexpensive, easy and fun busy bag ideas!

Sponge building

Busy Bag #1:

Sponge Building Blocks

Sponges are very inexpensive and all you need to create a busy bag of quite building blocks are a few packages of sponges and a pair of scissors.  Cut the sponges into whatever shape and size you like. Also as a bonus feature, these blocks are quite when they are toppled over!!!

Busy Bag #2:

Craft Stick Shape Puzzles

You can find craft sticks at your local Dollar Tree, Walmart and even the hardware store.  I ran across mine one day while shopping at Menards! They are the jumbo size and were only $1!  Use markers that are not washable to draw shapes.  Using the non-washable markers will keep the ink from transferring to your child’s fingers.  I drew one half of a shape onto one craft stick and then the other side onto the second craft stick.  You could even get mover creative and write a number on one stick and the matching number of dots on the other!


Busy Bag #3: 

Color Wheel

I took a large paper plate, non-washable markers and a few laundry clips and created a fun way to practicing recognizing colors and their words.  I first divided the paper plate into 8 equal sections and colored each section a different color.  You could always divide the plate with more sections for more colors if you like.  I then colored the matching color of each plate section onto the end of each clip on both sides.  After that I wrote the name of the color onto one side of each clip. In a few minutes, I was finished with a fun and educational busy bag activity.

Busy Bag #4

Plastic Spoon Number Matching

We all have that random leftover plastic silverware lying around in a kitchen draw.  Why not create a busy bag with them?! I rounded up 10 clear and 10 white plastic spoons.  You can also use any color of spoon you have but 10 of the spoons will need to be clear.  I wrote the numbers one through 10 on the white spoons and the clear spoons.  Your child will be able to practice number recognition and counting to 10 with the spoons.  You can also write the numbers on one set of spoons then the coordinating number of dots on the other for a different busy bag.  There are so many different ways to use the spoons. Maybe your child is learning their colors or shapes.  Just use shapes on each spoon that they will then match up. Make them different colors so they have to match the shape and the color correctly!


Busy Bag #5:

Pom Pom Matching

I took a look in my kitchen cabinets and found leftover cupcake liners and purchased a package of pompoms at Dollar Tree and created a matching game with very little effort!  You could also use a cupcake baking sheet and give your child a pair of kitchen tongs to make the color matching a little more fun.

I hope these busy bag ideas help you to create a little time to cross something off that never ending list or simply enjoy your cup of coffee!

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