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Every day, people of all ages and backgrounds turn to the Frankfort Community Library to find jobs, do online research, get help with homework, spend quality time with their kids, or simply find a space to relax. Did a favorite librarian introduce you to your favorite book as a child? For every person who loves their library, there is a story about what the library means to them. We want to collect and share those stories. Is the library important to you? Do you have a story to tell? Share it here.

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    I wish I could move to the library. Then I could play with toys and read the books whenever I want.Blaine, 7 years old
    I love when I get to hang out in the teen area and be able to be myself, and explore the library and read books I like.Isabelle Bacon
    The students in my class have really enjoyed reading with the Overdrive app. I talked to all of the parents about it during conferences and they were thrilled! Mereith Mast
    The Library made my life better because I get to read, play, and watch movies in the theatre.Love, Aiden
    Our library is second to none! It offers so many resources- current books and movies; lots of activities for the kids- it continues to impress me! The staff is always helpful to find books from other libraries if Frankfort doesn’t have it. Kristen Beardsley
    I always have a good experience when I come here. I have been coming here since I was a kid. I still use the library and my son uses it, too. The staff is friendly and very helpful. Stacey Richie
    I love the library! I love the books, computers, DVDs, art, and the people! Our community is blessed to have such a great library. Jerry Young
    This library has been a positive and wonderful place for me and my children to come and check out books, movies, do arts and crafts, and use the computers. Thank you!Cynthia Dickerson
    My laptop stopped working at home and I am currently taking online classes through Independence University. So… using the computers to do my homework has really come in handy. Thank you, Community Public Library of Frankfort!Rebecca Baeser
    This library is very quiet. It’s good for when you need to study and catch up on homework or if you need a quiet place to think. The librarians are very nice. There are also a lot of different types of books.Alyssa Johnson
    I have been using our library for twenty plus years. My best memory is story time in the old small library with my children. They have grown up in the library and have had many wonderful times here. The library has always been so peaceful and special to us.Amy Harshman
    I am a very avid reader. I moved here from Crawfordsville. I like how much quicker we get new releases here. I also like how we can keep them for two weeks. Suzanne Pierce
    They got lots of books and fun toys. My library is the best library ever! You get to color and be creative and make new things. Lauryn
    We’ve had a great time here. Everyone is very friendly and very helpful.Sara Stevens
    Having lived in Frankfort all my life, I have used the library from five years old. I was a page in high school and worked as a clerk and cataloguer for ten years. I served on the Friends Board and on the Library Board. My son also used the library until after he graduated from college. The library is a big part of our lives. Devena Cook
    I started coming to this library as a young girl. I would be allowed to take home five books at a time by my mother. It began my love of reading. Ever since my children were old enough, they got to do the same, and they have had the chance to participate in Story Hours. We love the library.Marianne Orr
    I have been coming to the library since I was a young child. Some of my earliest memories are of the library and books. I enjoy sharing this library with my children. The Children’s department is absolutely amazing! There are so many activities and classes for young people to do at the library all year round. There is also a wonderful Summer Reading Program they can participate in. It is great to see their eyes light up when I tell them we will be visiting the library. Such an amazing gift to our community!Bessie Shepherd
    The Library is a peaceful place that I love to come to. It’s a place I can think and focus. Also the environment here is wonderful.Bridget Moore
    Recently retired, the library, my library, has reintroduced me to my community. The Friday knitting group is a special treat; making new friends, learning new things! Connie Timmons
    Oh, I love the library! I went there every day as a child and would check out 4 or 5 books at a time. In fact, when I was growing up and got into trouble, instead of being grounded my dad would take away my library card!Barb Emans Connaway
    Using the overdrive app has been amazing for my family. At bedtime, we get out my laptop and read books together. The variety is awesome, and we read so much more now! Mereith Mast
    I love coming to the library. My kids love to read because of this library. I also love to read because my parents took me to the library quite often. I am thankful to have a library so close to home.Raquel Roberts
    This has been my best and self-rewarding job! This library means so much to me. It opened its doors to me when I needed it the most. Having this job has made me grow as a person. I love working in a friendly environment where employees care for each other.Maria Lopez, Family Literacy Coordinator
    I have came full circle. I have always loved to read and growing up I lived just 2 blocks from the library. The library was my first job. When I turned 16 I worked there after school and on Saturday. I worked there for 2 years. Now after retiring, after my 2nd job of 45 years, I am back at the library volunteering in the Genealogy Department and working on the Archives.Exie Pence
    The Library has been one of my favorite places to go ever since I was a young child. The Librarians and other staff showed me the joy of reading–giving me the ability to go on a new adventure every day.Angela
    My son and I were talking about Chuckie Cheese, the Library, the park and the store. I asked where he would like to go. He said, “The Library!”B. Shepherd
    Imagine being 8 years old and visiting FCPL for the first time. Books, books, books! Wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling! In my mind, I’d found book heaven. Over the years, the library has opened my mind and satisfied my curiosity. From printed books to e-books, from vertical files to the Internet, from art work for borrowing to art shows for purchasing, from vinyl records to live performances, the library has met the cultural needs of our community. I am grateful for the efforts to keep our library moving forward so that future 8 year olds can discover the wonder and power of the library just as I have.Sue Hawley
    I came back to Frankfort and was staying in a camper out on my son’s property while I took care of some business. No TV. Then I thought of my beloved library. Just the answer. The staff have been so helpful and kind. I have really not missed having a TV. Amazing. It changed a somewhat difficult time into a pleasant experience.Iris Waggoner
    I’ll never forget my theater lessons at the Frankfort Library! I’m proud to bring my family and friends here.
    Samantha McBarnes
    I have loved the library since I was a little girl because it was the first place I could go by myself. It is the place where dreams are born and come true. Connie Timmons
    I am an avid reader and I really appreciate the excellent job this library does of stocking all the latest books. If a recently published book is not on the shelves, the friendly and helpful librarians are always glad to place an order for it.Andy Spoentgen
    They got lots of books and fun toys. My library is the best library ever. You get to color and be creative and make new things.Lauryn
    Since I retired from my position as Assistant Principal, I have rediscovered my love of reading thanks to the expert assistance of Michigan Road Librarian Rosie McKinney and Chylene Click, her assistant. I have a rich assortment of my favorite books just 1 ½ miles from my home!
    Pat McQuinn
    Frankfort is lucky to have a great library and staff. Great job everyone!Denise Scofield
    When I first came to the Frankfort library, I couldn’t believe how full of life it was. The staff here always had a smile and went out of their way to help anyone who needed it. The Children’s librarians would do most of the programs themselves thinking of ways to actually entertain instead of stuffing knowledge down our throats with boring facts. What this library means to me is a family where everyone can be happy.Kayla Lee