Earth Day Celebrations

We are a day late getting this posted, working from home means slow internet upload speeds. But it is possible to celebrate nature and Earth Day for an extra day, week, or even longer. With Spring slowly coming along, Rachel and Calvin went outside yesterday and created bird feeders out of regular household supplies. Bird feeders are especially nice because you can watch later to see what types of birds will show up to eat.
At our house we have seen a lot cardinals, sparrows, red-winged Blackbirds, doves, woodpeckers, and even hummingbirds. Here is a recording so you can try making some bird feeders on your own at home.

For more Earth Day activities, visit the British Library’s Virtual Globes Collection. On this site you can view the Earth in from different eras and even spin the globes around to view more. Also, this article from the Journal of American Institute of Architects shares green innovations of the past.

Finally, here are some “Earth Day” selections available on to borrow today, from Hoopla. Just click on the book covers to be directed to Hoopla.

The Maine Woods
by Henry David Thoreau
Storms, Violent Winds, and Earth’s Atmosphere
Edited by John P. Rafferty

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