Focus On: Cooking

Everyone needs food, but not everyone has learned how to cook, or knows a variety of recipes for things to make. The library has over 1,000 cookbooks for all types of diets, health issues, tastes, and budgets. There are cookbooks for crock-pots, Insta-Pots, ovens, stoves, and microwaves. The library has books for cooking in pots, pans, baking sheets, muffin tins, and even mugs. You can find recipes for food from other nations, typical American comfort foods, breakfasts, dinners, desserts, and drinks. You can find something to make for everyone, no matter his or her dietary restrictions, pickiness, or preferences.

Included in this selection are books on how to prepare meals in advance for a whole month, and how to preserve and can food. There are options for vegetarian, vegan, and high protein diets. There are even books devoted to recipes of a single type, like chicken meals, or all types of pie. Listed below is a small selection of the numerous cookbooks available, and the collection is expanding all the time! Stop by in the Adult Services department to find some new meal ideas today.

A Selection of Cookbooks

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