Gardening Together

Gardening Together

Gardening with children is not only so much fun for all involved, it is showing them what the Earth is and what it is made of. Sometimes children are confined to mostly man-made areas and items within cities, so gardening is a great way to expose them to what the Earth has to offer. Children learn from gardening what the Earth can give or create for us! They get to see and feel the colors of the Earth. All of their senses are being used while gardening. It can show them how to care for, and nurture our home. There is ENDLESS amounts of learning with gardening! You can learn all the different names of plants and their parts, different names of tools, and different foods. There is so much to experience and that is really, how any little one molds themselves into adults, through experiences. Keep an eye on our calendar for our seasonal gardening programs or call (765) 654-8746 with questions. In the meantime, come check out some of our awesome gardening books and let the thumbs turn green!

Here are some resources for gardening crafts:

Here are 21 books on the subject for parents/caregivers & children that we have here at the Frankfort Library:


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