Genealogy & Local History

Having been part of the community since 1880, we are not just part of Frankfort’s past – we are a link to it. Let us help you connect to your own past and your own stories. Explore the Frankfort community of yesteryear. Learn about your family’s roots – or dig deeper into a period of time that has always peaked your interest. The Genealogy & Local History area of the Frankfort Community Public Library has everything you need to open the pages to the past. Contact us today to get started.

Online Resources

Other Resources

  • Records for many Indiana counties
  • Increasing material from Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, & Tennessee

Clinton County Resources

  • Microfilmed Local Newspapers (1853-present)
  • Frankfort High School Yearbooks (1912-present)
  • Clinton County High School Yearbooks
  • Birth Indexes (1882-1920)
  • Death Indexes (1882-1920)
  • Marriage Indexes (1830-1920)
  • Cemetery Records
  • Family Files
  • Census Records
  • Plat Books
  • Deed Records
  • Ostler Slide Collection
  • City Directories (1890-present)
  • Family Histories