Girl You Got a Ghost Podcast

An Ongoing Storytelling Competition

Storytelling competitions were always one of our favorite parts of the Teen Department pre-Covid. The challenge worked like this: Visitors told Teen Dept. staff a creepy story. Then, staff shared their own creepy tale. The scariest story won, and then we all got candy.

Well, now we are bringing the stories out of the library and into the podcast world!

Introducing the Girl You Got a Ghost Podcast

The theme of our podcast is scary stories. We are inviting you to share about the ghost in your house, the howling dog that might just have been a werewolf, the phone call coming from inside the house, or the vampire that lives on your street. The podcast is produced by the Frankfort Community Public Library Teen Department, featuring Rachel and Sydney. Our audience and co-creators are you! We are challenging you to a storytelling telling contest, so send your creepy stories to

Where to listen

Wondering how to listen to Girl, You Got a Ghost? You can download the podcast (and your story if you send one in) on Apple, Spotify, Google Play, and Amazon. Check it out below:

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