Grow Your Own Food: Virtual Trip to Florida


Want to learn more? Here are some resources on the plants mentioned in this video:

What is the difference between clumping bamboo and running bamboo? “Clumping vs Running Bamboo”. Bamboo Sourcery Nursery and Gardens.

How did the bamboo get there? “Bamboo Trails at Koreshan State Park”. Florida State Parks

What kind of mangoes can you grow in Florida? “Mango Varieties”. Pine Island Nursery.

What kind of things can you cook with mangoes? “27 Mango Recipes that Bring the Tropics to You”. Bon Appetite.

Croton Houseplant

Can I grow a croton in Indiana as a houseplant? “The Best Tips for Cultivating Showy Croton Plants Indoors“. Gardener’s Path.


Are roses hard to grow? “10 Tips on Caring for Roses?”. Victoria Magazine.

What are some uses for roses? “12 Things to Make with Roses?” The Nerdy Farmwife

What is a Christmas Cactus? “Christmas Cactus Origin: Learn the History Of Christmas Cactus Plants”. Gardening Know How.


Some Fun Facts about this Flower: “About Frangipanis” About Frangipanis & Plumerias- Facts, History and Myths and Legends.

Catawba Crepe Mrytle Tree

How did the Crepe Mrytle get its name? “Crepe Myrtles: Traditional , Transplanted Southern Beauties” House & Home Magazine

What do professional chef’s do with kumquats? “14 Chefs on Their Favorite Ways to Cook Kumquats” Food & Wine.

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