“Heartwood Box” by Anne Aquirre

Looking for a little romance? Drama? Mystery? Sci-fi? Coming-of-age? Well, in Heartwood Box, New York Times bestselling author Ann Aguirre combines all these genres and does it well!

Araceli is frustrated with her parents. They’ve sent her to live in upstate New York with an aunt she has never met. Her home is now an unfriendly town surrounded by dark forest and plastered with missing person posters, which go mostly unnoticed by local law enforcement. Her aunt is nice, but lives in a towering, gothic Victorian home which is rundown and feels way too empty. It’s not long before Araceli notices her aunt leaving daily meals for an uncle that has been missing for years. But when her own friend disappears, Araceli is forced to investigate. 

Heartwood Box is available for download from FCPL on Overdrive, or with the Overdrive’s Libby app. Check it out today!

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