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Likely, for many parents and students the e-learning journey is beginning to feel long and difficult. But take heart, because the school year is nearly finished at our county schools! And though the library building is currently closed, we are still here to help you! In today’s blog we are sharing resources and tips for students and parents. Be sure to follow our Virtual Homework Help event on Facebook where we will continue to post throughout the school year. Need help accessing FCPL’s e-resources? Email us at Don’t have a library card? Click here to apply for a temporary digital card online.

Advice from the FHS 2020 Teacher of the Year, Andy Wainscott

When asked what tips he would like to share with county students regarding e-Learning, Mr. Wainscott suggested:

1. Self advocacy

2. When/if you e-mail teachers include a subject line. Also, be sure to title Google Docs before sharing, don’t leave set as “Untitled”.

3. Be aware of time management and deadlines for assignments.

4. Get a routine. Write out a schedule-especially if you are struggling with motivation and focus.

5. Study half hour-maybe an hour and take a break!

6. Show us that you are putting for the effort.

FCPL E-Resources useful to students

“No Internet? No Problem”

Win at Math & Science with Ask Rose

Help on the Web

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