Homework Help with Inspire

Written by Wynn Zetterberg

I recently discovered that you can use Inspire as a helpful tool for studying for different subjects and I wanted to pass along the information.

 Inspire is Indiana’s virtual online library and has lots of different databases like LearningExpress Library. You can access Inspire in many different ways, but one of the easiest ways is through our website under the E-Resources tab.  Once you are on Inspire’s page, you will want to click on the databases A-Z tab. Scroll down to the LearningExpress Library link.

LearningExpress Library has all kinds of different resources those in grade 4 and on. It can even help adults and college students. However, I am going to focus on LearningExpress Library’s School Center.

The School Center gives three options: High School, Middle School, and Elementary School. Each section offers a variety of subjects that students can use to practice their skills in that subject. For Fourth and Fifth graders, there are four different sections in Math and three different sections in Language Arts.

I have also created a video that will help walk you through these steps. You can watch it here.

If you are looking to improve your next test grade, this is a perfect place to get some help.

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