Hoosier Storytellers: Interviews with WWII Veterans, Leroy Good and Carroll Johnson

The library is working on a new program called “Hoosier Storytellers,” where we will bring in inspiring speakers to talk about their lives or other topics of interest. Our first Hoosier Storytellers will be WWII Veterans Leroy Good and Carroll Johnson. Samantha McBarnes will interview these hometown heroes in a 45 minute program on March 25 at 2 p.m. in the Elizabeth O’Rear Skanta Theatre. Mayor Chris McBarnes will be there to introduce the program.
Carroll grew up in Frankfort and has fond memories of being in the Boy Scouts. He graduated from Frankfort High School in 1939 when it was in Old Stoney, enlisted in the Army on Nov. 9, 1942, and was honorably discharged on Sept. 30, 1945. After his service in the Army, Carroll moved back to Frankfort and became a farmer.
Leroy graduated from Jefferson High School in 1937. The U.S. declared war on Japan one day after the Pearl Harbor attacks in 1941. That same day, Good was in Indianapolis completing a physical required for the draft. Leroy joined the Army on Jan. 12, 1942 and was honorably discharged on Aug. 11, 1945. “After being overseas for three years, my thoughts were, ‘When do we get home?'” Good said, “and then you had to wait your turn because there was about a million others wanting the same thing.” Initially he worked as a farmer after his service and then went on to work for Jefferson Elevator for 34 years.
The library invites you to this wonderful opportunity to visit the past with Leroy Good and Carroll Johnson. Listen as Leroy and Carroll talk about growing up in Frankfort, and what life was like during and after the war. We hope you enjoy our new programming series, “Hoosier Storytellers.”
Do you know a Hoosier Storyteller who might be interested in speaking at the library? If so, please contact Jamie at janderson@myfcpl.org.


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