Volunteer of the Year 2017

In Memory of Claudia Slipher

We are saddened to share that Claudia Slipher passed away this week. Claudia was born on August 2, 1952 and passed away on Monday, April 24, 2017. Claudia was recently recognized as the Frankfort Library’s 2016 Volunteer of the Year. We are so thankful for all of her contributions to the library and the community.

Claudia has volunteered in several capacities of the Library. From Genealogy to the Friends Annual Art Show she has contributed her time and efforts in many ways. It wasn’t unusual to find Claudia entering into the Genealogy database for several hours on a daily basis. I am not sure how many years she volunteered in Genealogy, but I’m thinking she was mistaken as a staff member due to the amount of time she volunteered.

Claudia has reconciled the art show for many years in record time and with accuracy! She begins reconciling on the Saturday of art show weekend and is usually finished within two weeks. This includes investigative work (tracking down an assortment of issues with 13 sales books and approximately 80 to 90 artists). We appreciate her attention to detail and knew that she had the reconciliation under control. She was an extraordinary amount of help to everyone involved with the show, and knows how to take control of a situation if needed.

Claudia has also served on the Friends of the Library Board and as their Treasurer. With Claudia’s background in finance, we knew she would be conscientious with her duties. She asked questions and took an active interest in the Friends of the Library and supported their events. Our hearts and thoughts are with the Slipher family.

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