Keeping a Journal

Keeping a daily journal might be a way to manage stress or just stay organized in these uncertain times. A journal of your day might help you to “slow down” your worries or thoughts so that you can process them better.

Just the act of taking some time for yourself, some “alone time” to sit down and collect your thoughts can be helpful. And maybe the best thing about keeping a journal is that no one can interrupt your train of thought before you are finished.

To get started, go grab something to journal with, fancy or inexpensive. Or just open a document on your laptop. In the beginning, don’t make it a big time commitment, have a cup of coffee or tea and just aim to write for 10 or 15 minutes. Write about your plans for the day or the upcoming week or for the first sunny, warm day.

You could write about your day yesterday or make plans for tomorrow. And don’t forget to chronicle the good moments as well as the bad.

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