Language Learning with your Library Card

Did You Know?

  • Which country has boasts the most winners of the Nobel Prizes in Literature?
  • Which country claims a city with a population of over 2 million (at the time) but only one stop sign?
  • Which country’s army still uses carrier pigeons, sometimes?
  • Which country is the world’s most popular tourist destination?
  • Which country’s motto is “liberty, equality, fraternity”?

Have you guessed it?


Your Frankfort Community Public Library Card offers loads language learning tools?

We made this pathfinder to share language learning resources with you. Some of these resources require your library card and some do not, but all are available for free. This pathfinder features French specifically, but most of the suggested tools are available in several other languages. So, take a trip, without even leaving Clinton County, by learning a new language!

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