Libraries in the Digital Age

There is no doubt that technology has a lasting impact on our lives but does it have a place in the library? Libraries are no longer a place for dusty books; they are a center for creativity, research and re-imagined innovation. With this technological shift comes changing expectations and needs of you, the patron.

Here at the Frankfort Library we are attempting to ride the wave of ever changing technology. Your library card gives you access to so much more than just books and periodicals. It is your key to the most relevant information and technology available. Not only do with have e-material check outs and computer access for all ages; but we have also recently added outside the box ideas like a 3-D printer! For teens we offer Chromebooks, iPads, and an Amazon Echo all to be used here in the library. Patrons can register to use the Digidoc, our music recording and editing equipment. Plus we have a projector that can be checked out to and utilized off campus. We also offer one-on-one lessons to teach basic technology skills.

Frankfort Library is ever morphing and evolving to meet the changing needs of our patrons by embracing technological advancements. So does technology have a place at the library? Absolutely! Libraries and librarians are a thing of the future not the past.

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