Magisterium Series


Come check out The Magisterium Series by Holly Black and Cassandra ClareThe Iron Trial is the first book in this 5-book series that begins the journey of Callum Hunt, who up until the Iron Trial, was just a regular kid. When Call, as he prefers to be called, gets an invitation to the Iron Trial, he doesn't know what to think. The Iron Trial is a test to see how well the kids with magical powers can use them and determines who will be accepted into the Magisterium. Call's father warns him about the Magisterium, telling him it is not what it seems. Call's father is hiding something from him about the Magisterium and about Call. As the story goes on, Call learns more about the Magisterium and more about himself.

This series is great for kids between the ages of 8-12. Books 1-4, The Copper Gauntlet, The Bronze Key, and The Silver Mask, are available now. The 5th and final book of the series, The Golden Tower, will be out in September! This is definitely a series that you won't want to miss and could be a great family read aloud.

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