Miss Tandra’s Book Review

A Mother’s Journey written by Sandra Markle and illustrated by Alan Marks is a beautiful book! This book is the story of the voyage, experiences, and struggles that every emperor penguin parents who conceive an egg go through. Both parents have especially important jobs to do by the time the egg hatches. The mother alone must make the search for food. This specific story is this couple’s very first egg.

The first page before the book begins, the author wrote, “With love to my children, Scott and Holly.” And the illustrator wrote, “To Carlos and Maria, my penguins.” I thought that was so cute and sweet! This book through a lovely story explains almost step by step what a mother emperor penguin goes through. It does a great job of making the reader feel empathy and hope.

The illustrations are gorgeous. They look like professional watercolor paintings. You can almost feel the chill of the Antarctica winter between the wonderful descriptive writing and the great illustrations.

I hope you give this book a read, it is a great book for any age! If a reader is interested in penguins at all, they would love this book. It never ceases to amaze me what a mother will do for her child. This book shows you exactly just how impressive, selfless, and purely amazing a mother can be. I sincerely recommend this book! Enjoy!

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