Miss Tandra’s Book Review

Hello, Miss Tandra here. I just read a book that I decided to read because I had read two or three others in its series. This one is titled, Celebrate Every Season with Six Sisters’ Stuff, part of the “Six Sisters’ Stuff” series. These are cookbooks and I love them. These books are authored by six sisters (you didn’t see that coming, did you?) and these sisters are fantastic. They teach recipes that are simple and family friendly. They teach DIY crafts, household tricks, and much more. This specific version shows recipes, traditions, and fun ideas for each month of the year. So, if you like to make food themed to fit holidays, this is the book for you! From “White Chocolate Pretzel Hearts” in February and “Shamrock Shakes” in March to “Mini Donut Scary Eyes” in October and “Christmas Tree Brownies” in December. Plus, tons of fun holiday ideas and games unrelated to food too that most holiday lovers would like to know.

Every mom like myself loves to use her crockpot, and this book did not disappoint. I can always count on any one of the Six Sisters’ books to have new and great slow cooker recipes. This book also has ways to have the same expensive fun without the expense. There is a recipe called, “Taco Bites”, man am I going to try that out! It looks and sounds delightful. It is a scoop-style tortilla chip with dabs of taco condiments and one cooked small seasoned shrimp. I think it is a brilliant idea kids and adults would love. There is also a raspberry white chocolate cookie recipe. Yum!

I love reading about their wonderful, sweet family traditions. I love that not only do they have them and their all such great ones, but also that they have decided to share it with the world. That way families can create new ones as well as old ones, the more the merrier. I like that topics in the book encourages to include your children. There is a sentence at the end of almost every recipe or description that reads, “Let the children around help as much as possible.” I love that. There are cool DIY gifts for moms and DIY crafts for decorating your house. The fun, creativity, and cleverness never cease with this book.

The authors of this book understand who the readers are. They understand that we have little time some days, they understand we are not trained in the culinary arts, and they make great ideas that help make mealtimes fun and easy. This book brings families together. Not to mention absolutely mouth-watering recipes and awesome ideas. I really cannot stress enough how much I recommend this book and all the “Six Sisters’ Stuff” Books!!

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