Miss Tandra’s Book Review

Animal Jokes is compiled by Pam Rosenberg, and illustrated by Mernie Gallagher-Cole. This book is part of the “Hah-larious Joke Books” series. It is a joke book for children about all animals, insects included.

There is “About the Author” and “About the Illustrator” on the first page, I always appreciate and enjoy those. This book consists of 14 very small chapters, each one having the topic of different types of animals, almost every type of animal. This book is funny and cute. I love joke books for any age, and I chose this joke book because it was animal jokes and I love animals as well.

Each joke is a question and answer joke. They are funny, simple, but creative. Children love joke books because they can learn the joke and tell it to others later. Real fun for kids and real nice for parents because the child is learning and does not even realize it.

Give this book a read. Also try the other books in this series, “Dinosaur Jokes”, “Doctor Jokes”, “Food Jokes”, “Holiday Jokes”, “Riddles”, “Space Jokes”, and “Sports Jokes”. Enjoy!

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