Miss Tandra’s Book Review

Hi, Miss Tandra here. I hope you are all doing well, healthy, and happy. I just read a children’s book that brought tears to my eyes. This book is titled, Mirror, and is written by Moashella Shortte. I am not sure who illustrated it, but I believe the author did. They are beautiful illustrations!

This book is about a little girl and what she thinks or what she should think when she looks in the mirror at herself. From the age of just a baby to almost a teenager. At the beginning of the book there are three pages about the author and her love for her children and her passion for children in general and books. I loved that so much!

This book is beyond lovable and adorable! It unquestionably will touch your heart. It teaches not only little girls but all growing children that they should always enjoy the mirror and have fun in front of it. Mirrors are for funny faces, new outfits you’re proud of or any outfits, and hundred-watt smiles. This book teaches them to love their reflection because they are perfect. That when you look in the mirror what you should see is exactly what you want to be. Yourself.

I want this book for my bookshelf now. I am on my way to order it to add to my collection for sure! Try this book out, you will not regret it. It never ceases to amaze me how powerful words can be. Read “Mirror” by Moashella Shortte to your children. I am going to regularly. Enjoy!

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