Miss Tandra’s Book Review

Me and My Dragon Scared of Halloween, part two of the “Me and My Dragon” series, written by David Biedrzycki, and illustrations done by Adobe Photoshop was twice as much fun as part one! There is another shout out by the author to his friend and Park St. Books in Medfield, MA. He calls them “the best children’s bookstore EVER!”, which I love!

The illustrations are the exact same, but it is a completely different story this time. We see much more emotion, and a variety of costumes on a dragon because this book is Halloween themed. Nothing too scary though. In fact, cute/curious is the best way I would describe this book.

This story is about a young boy and his imaginary pet dragon. Apparently, they like all the same things except trick-or-treating. He loves Halloween, but his dragon? Not so much. He explained that monsters are not real, but his dragon was still scared. He tried costumes on Dragon to see if that helped him understand what Halloween was all about. When they could not land on one costume they could agree on, the young boy decided to make them feel better by reading their favorite book (which I love)! That gave Dragon an idea, their problem was solved! Everyone loved Dragon’s costume. Now they both love Halloween. (Sorry, no spoilers.)

I think this book was great! It teaches your reader that you are never alone. It shows them how to use their imagination for sure. I think any children who might have some fear about Halloween or any children who like dragons would love this book. And if neither apply, I also think any children at all would really enjoy these books! I liked the first one so much, I looked up this second one to read as well. Find out what their favorite book is, and what Dragon’s idea and costume ended up being!

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