New Makerspace Club!


August 23rd was the first day for our new Makerspace Club! Miss Gina had some really great activities planned for the children. One of the activities was building structures using toothpicks and pool noodles that had been cut to about 1" thickness.

Along with building structures, she had another challenge for the children. They were given a straw and two pieces of paper. Then, they needed to figure how to attach the pieces in a way that would allow it to fly.

And we can't forget the art! Children also got to create a special craft!

The Maker Space Club is open to anyone in grades 1-6 and it will be taking place on Thursdays from 4-5 PM. We will be meeting in the Children's Department or room 204.

Join us for the next one on August 30th. You can register your child here. The more children we have, the more ideas we will have, and the more fun it will be!

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