Our Podcasts

What's 'The Buzz' at the Library? Welcome to the Frankfort Community Public Library's podcast! With host Alyson Mahn, FCPL's Adult Services Manager, and special guest co-hosts each week, listen and learn all about the library!

  • Hosted by Alyson Mahn
  • Edited by Daniel Robertson
  • Produced by Susie Blackmore
  • Logo by Natali Bacon

What is Hoosier Storytellers? Our ongoing series has turned into a podcast. Our host, Michael Clossin will interview a guest of local interest. They will discuss unique experiences, local history, and so much more!

  • Hosted by Michael Clossin
  • Edited by Daniel Robertson
  • Produced by Friends of the Frankfort Public Library
  • Logo by Sydney Courser

Girl, You Got a Ghost! is a podcast about scary stories. We are inviting you to share about the ghost in your house, the howling dog that might just have been a werewolf, the phone call coming from inside the house, or the vampire that lives on your street. Our audience and co-creators are you! We are challenging you to a storytelling telling contest, so send your creepy stories to girlyougotaghost@gmail.com.

  • Hosted by Rachel Miburn and Sydney Courser
  • Edited by Rachel Milburn
  • Produced by FCPL Teen Department
  • Logo by Rachel Milburn