Over 21,000 Ostler Slides Online!

Elks Youth Honor Day Parade

We hit two milestones in the Ostler slide digitization project in 2022.  In June, we reached the mark of 20,000 slides scanned and uploaded to Indiana Memory (indianamemory.com).  At the beginning of November, we finished scanning all of the slides in the first of three filing cabinets of slides.  There are approximately 21,000 slides in that first cabinet!  Currently, we have over 21,400 slides scanned and uploaded to Indiana Memory. 

Additionally, within the last couple of months, we have finished scanning the slides from 1961 and are now working on those from 1962.  Included in the 1962 slides that we have scanned thus far are pictures of the Boy Scouts Fair and Camporee, Lincoln School Principal Noble Benbow’s farewell party, Elks Youth Honor Day, the Frankfort Junior High School fish fry, and the dedication of the current Frankfort High School building.  To get a sneak peek of images before they are uploaded to Indiana Memory, look for our weekly “Throwback Thursday” posts on Facebook.  If you see someone you know, let us know by commenting on the picture.

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