“Pick Up Stix” by Sandi Hauanio added to FCPL Collection

“Pick Up Stix” by Sandi Hauanio is a new addition to the FCPL permanent art collection. Sandi is an Indiana artist and is a member of “Art on Main” Gallery in Carmel, IN. Sandi Hauanio participated in the Friends of the Frankfort Library’s Fine Art Exhibition & Sale for the first time in November of 2019. The library exhibited “Pick Up Stix” in the 2019 show and from there it was added to the library’s permanent art collection. I asked Sandi, “What was your inspiration for this piece of art?” Her response was, “Pure frustration!”

“I had recently finished kind of an intense piece and was blocked for what to draw next. I needed to kind of unwind from the previous piece, so I decided to challenge myself to come up with something that was super simple and fun. One shape, a circle, made up of lines and it just worked. It was such a fun piece to make because of the simplicity of the concept and watching it all come together. The way the colors mixed as a new color was laid over the last. I still make them sometimes when I get stuck and just need to draw, but don’t know what to draw. I love Pick Up Stix because it just feels happy.” – Sandi Hauanio

Close up of “Pick Up Stix”

Sandi’s attention to detail and love of geometric shapes really makes her artwork special. As you can see in the close-up shot above, “Pick Up Stix” was created using colored pencils on paper! In addition to colored pencil on paper and wood, Sandi also creates mid-century modern designs using the computer. “Colored pencil is my favorite medium. I started drawing with them again about 6 years ago. I hadn’t done anything creative other than building furniture for a long time and decided I needed a new creative outlet. I saw this artist, Mark Grotjahn, who did these large, really bright and colorful colored pencil works on paper. His work really inspired me so I bought a new box of pencils and started drawing.” -Sandi

In March, Amy Ward curated a group show at Lost Dog Gallery in Indianapolis. The exhibit showcased artwork by emerging Indiana artists as well as pieces from local collectors. FCPL submitted Sandi Hauanio’s piece into the exhibit because of the clean modern design of the artwork. It looked great as part of the group show! The next time you are in the library, see if you can spot this new addition to the library’s collection on display at the Frankfort Library.

You can learn more about Sandi Hauanio and her artwork on her website: sandihauanio.com.

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