Rachel’s ‘Best of’ 2019 Book List

2019 was a great year for YA book releases! With so many books to choose from, this list was a difficult to compile! Here are Rachel’s choices, be sure to check back next week for Jeni’s list.

Book with the Most Pages

The Fountains of Silence, by Ruta Sepetys

(512 pages)

Interspersed with multiple voices, this novel brings to life the plight of Spanish families living thru the aftermath of the Civil War and Franco’s rule. The story is chock full of epigraphs featuring primary and contemporary sources. The author developed this story with an astonishing amount of research. Find a full review here!

Favorite Book of the Year

Thirteen Doorways Wolves Behind Them All, by Laura Ruby

Frankie and her sister are abandoned by their father at a Chicago orphanage as World War 2 approaches. A ghost acts a mediator between Frankie and the reader. This book will call for multiple readings. Find a full review here!

Least Favorite Book of the Year

Creep, by Erieann Corrigan

(32 pages)

The first chapter completely captures a reader’s attention. However, as the book continues, the suspense just does not hold. Still, this book is not a bad option for quick read. Check out the full review here.

Book with the Best Cover

Now Entering Addamsville, by Francesca Zappia

Addamsville is an insular little town in Indiana. Here your last name means a lot. Unfortunately for Zora, she was born a Novak. Not to mention she can see ghosts and hunts firestarters. Find the full review here.

Most Anticipated Book of 2020

One of us is Next, by Karen M. McManus

One of Us is Next by Karen M. McManus will be released on January 7, 2020! This is a highly anticipated sequel. The first book in the series, One of Us is Lying, has been described as “The Breakfast Club with murder”. This New York Time Bestseller is the story of five teens, all from different cliques, who enter detention together. But only four make it out alive and as murder suspects! A pilot based on the book has already been filmed, and is looking for a network or streaming home, so there is a good chance readers might get see this story on the small screen as well! Drop by The Edge to pick up either One of Us is Lying or Two Can Keep a Secret and be sure to put a hold One of Us is Next to read in the new year!

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