Sloths in the Children’s Department

Sloths are:

A: Mammals
B: Reptiles
C: Amphibian
D: Fish

The answer is A, of course. However, the answer is also E: Totally Awesome!

The Children’s department just got in a new non-fiction DVD about Sloths and Their Wacky World a Science Kids series video. The DVD is short, only about nineteen minutes, but it is packed with interesting information that will educate and entertain children. Like did you know that a sloth’s fur can be green? Or did you know that sloths only poop once a month? Which lead me to a book we have How do Sloths poop? by Nancy Furstinger. Then I got curious about other sloth related materials. Here are some of the other books we have. Stop in and learn about these slow, but fascinating animals.

Sloths by Laura Buller is another book filled with facts.

Sloth at the Zoom by Helaine Becker is an adorable picture book about a sloth trying to make friends in a new place.

Where’s the Sloth? by Andy Rowland is a Where’s Waldo style book but instead of Waldo, you are trying to find different sloths around the world.

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