Summer Reading Activities

Summer reading is in full swing at the Frankfort Community Public Library. We still have many great activities and events for teens and tweens to participate in for summer reading points. You too, can win fun and delicious prizes this summer by accruing points in one of five ways. Check out a book, volunteer, review a book, attend a program, or simply read for 30 minutes to earn your points. Also, don’t forget to enter to win one of our many grand prizes. While reading may truly be its own reward, let us reward you for your efforts too.

Sound Science June 20th

Come learn about the science of sound with us at the Edge. See an oobleck on a subwoofer, observe the difference in tones of identical glasses, and perhaps even make blaster noises with a slinky. Hear it all with us and listen to why it works.

Button Design June 27th

Come design and make buttons with us at the Edge. Draw or print your design and we will help you make you vision into a button you can share with others.

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