Summer Reading In The Children’s Department

Summer Reading in the Children’s Department

We are up to our gills with excitement looking forward to Summer Reading 2022, Oceans of Possibilities! Our department will be transformed into an under the sea experience. Summer reading is a chance to make waves & crafts, explore new waters, go back in time, get spooked or frightened in the deep; it is a chance to FIND YOURSELF, even if you are not looking! We are ready to take a break from school’s “otter-nonsense” and read whatever floats our boat. Come take a bite out of a good book, it’s a fish eat fish world. Children can be “sofishticated”, crabby, bubbly, shy like an eel, puffy like a puffer fish, blend in like a camouflaged octopus, or stand out like a gorgeous lionfish! It is a chance to discover! So don’t get “tide” down this summer! Come check out Oceans Of Possibilities! If you can think of a better fish pun, let “minnow”!

Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. Do children need to sign up or need to be signed up to participate in summer reading?

No, there is no registration for summer reading. Participating in summer reading is about checking out material and enjoying the summer filled with books of your choice!

  1. Does summer reading cost any money?

No, summer reading is a completely free program!

  1. When does summer reading start and when does summer reading end?

Summer reading is from June 6th – July 22nd 2022

  1. When is the soonest that I may start signing up for FREE programs?     May 24th 2022
  1. Can anyone sign up for summer reading?    Yes!  All ages can sign up to participate, but you do not have to sign up for an overall program.
  1. Book Reviews: We will have book reviews for ALL AGES. Even “draw a picture” book reviews for very little children! Every book review you do gets you another slip to win a prize! & We love reading everyone’s reviews!
  1. Drawings & Prizes: There are many prizes that you could win through a drawing. You get into the drawing by checking out books (each book is an entry slip to fill out with name and good way to contact you, so that means the more books you check out the better the chances are of being a winner). You can also enter the drawing by doing book reviews or signing up and attending programs. There are 3 GRAND PRIZES and they are a child’s age tablet, an adult’s age tablet, and a foam party!!!      (*Last day to enter foam party contest is July 16th*)

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