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Many of our patrons come to our library needing to print a document or e-mail. Often times these items are readily available on our phones. Did you know that you can print items from your phone or laptop directly to our printer? While it seems like it may be difficult or requires technical expertise, it is actually simpler than you think, albeit with some instruction. Whether you have an Apple or Android device, you too can print wirelessly.


Printing wirelessly from Android is a touch more difficult than Apple, but still easily possible. First, you will need to connect your phone to the wireless network the printer is on. At the library, “myfcplwireless” is the name of our public network. Next, you will need to install a print plugin. For the library, the HP Print Service Plugin available through the play store should suffice. If you are on a network with a different brand of printer, you will need the correct corresponding plugin or app. After the app has been installed and enabled, simply open the document or e-mail you wish to print. Now select the print option from the menu. Most of the time the menu on Android devices will look like three vertical dots and appear in the top right area of the screen. Next, select the desired printer and adjust your options accordingly. Maybe you want to print in black and white or make multiple copies of the same page. When you have everything the way you want it, hit print.


Printing wirelessly for Apple products is much simpler. First, connect to the wireless network of the printer to which you wish to print. Open the document or e-mail you wish to print. Now open the menu of the document or e-mail you wish to print. The menu or action option on most Apple devices looks like a box with an upward arrow overlapping the top side. Next, select the appropriate printer from the menu. Adjust the print options to your desired settings and then select print.

Here’s area few books from our collection that might help you start your computer adventures.

iPad Geekery : 50 Insanely Cool Hacks and Mods for your Apple Tablet by Guy Hart-Davis

How to Do Everything. Pages, Keynote & Numbers for OS X and iOS by Dwight Spivey.

My Android Phone by Craig James Johnston

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